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How To Treat Bowed Tendons

bowed tendon

Bowed tendons ligaments are among the absolute most popular traumas in equines. They occur when the tendon, which fastens the muscular tissue to the bone tissue, is overstretched as well as tears. This can take place throughout workout, when the horse is actually suddenly unnerved, or even if the horse trips and also falls.

Bowed Tendons

The indicators of bowed tendons in equines consist of:

* Swelling in the damaged place

* Heat in the affected place

* Lameness

* Pain when the steed is moved or touched

Bowed Tendons

If you assume any of the above indicators mention to your animal medical practitioner right away.. They will likely take x-rays to verify the prognosis and afterwards start therapy.


The absolute most common source of inclined ligaments in steeds is over-exertion. This can easily happen if the horse is actually functioned too hard, too soon, or if they are not heated up effectively just before workout. Other causes include:

* Poor health and nutrition

* Lack of minerals as well as vitamins

* Poor muscle mass

* Junction concerns


It is crucial to look for veterinarian attention immediately if you assume your steed has a stooped tendon. Therapy is going to commonly involve compression, rest, and also ice. Sometimes, surgery might be needed.

* Relax– this is definitely crucial for recuperation. The horse needs to be actually constrained to a small marker or slow and also provided only lightweight workout, including palm walking up until the personal injury has recovered.

* Ice– this can be used numerous opportunities a time to help in reducing swelling.

* Squeezing dressings– these can easily likewise help reduce swelling.

* Discomfort relief medicine– this may be needed to maintain your equine pleasant while they recoup.

After the preliminary personal injury has cured, your animal medical practitioner might advise a program of physical rehabilitation to aid build up the ligament and prevent further personal injury. This might include massage, ultrasound, and hydrotherapy therapy.

Prevention as well as Measures

Protection of inclined ligaments is actually regularly far better than treatment. Some things you may do to assist prevent this accident feature:

* Ensure your horse is effectively warmed up before physical exercise. A great warm-up will certainly raise blood stream circulation to the bowed tendons and also muscles, making all of them much less likely to be injured.

* Make certain your equine is appropriately nourished and also delivered along with all the required minerals and vitamins. A well-balanced diet plan will certainly assist keep ligaments as well as muscles tough.

* Prevent over-exerting your steed. Create certain to provide all of them a lot of breaks if they are actually operating hard.

* If your steed is prone to shared issues, talk to your vet regarding supplements or even drugs that can easily aid.


Avoiding bowed ligaments is key to keeping your steed well-balanced as well as sound. Some recommendations to avoid this accident consist of:

* Extending the equine’s muscles prior to physical exercise

* Avoiding sudden changes in instructions while exercising

* Slowly improving the intensity of workout

* Heating up and cooling down adequately

* Maintaining the horse‘s legs clean and also totally free of particles

* Assessing the steed’s lower legs regularly for any indicators of swelling or even warmth

Seek veterinary attention instantly if you feel your horse has actually a stooped ligament. With suitable treatment and also prevention, many horses can easily create a total rehabilitation as well as return to ordinary activity levels.


Stooped tendons are a common accident in equines, but with correct care as well as prevention, they can be stayed away from. If you presume your horse has actually a bowed tendon, look for veterinary attention instantly and observe their suggested program of procedure. Along with suitable treatment, your horse will definitely create a complete healing and also be back to its own typical self in no time.

Stooped ligaments are actually one of the very most typical traumas in equines. The very most popular source of stooped tendons in horses is actually over-exertion. If you assume your horse has actually a bowed ligament, it is necessary to look for veterinarian interest instantly. Bowed tendons are a popular injury in equines, but with appropriate treatment and prevention, they may be actually prevented. If you suspect your equine has a bowed tendon, seek veterinarian interest immediately as well as follow their advised training program of procedure.

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