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As sports betting evolve, harness racing must create its niche

Harness racing

As sports betting continue to grow, Harness Racing has an opportunity to redefine their destiny. Their survival depends on adapting and finding their unique niche in sports.

Sports bettors now have more sports to bet on than ever before. America is now neck-deep in sports betting. A sports bettor can now place sports bets on baseball to cycling. With sports betting expanding, sports bettors are beginning to realize that America needs a sportsbook that will consider these sports.

Harness racing was one of the most popular sports in America. Society has evolved, and harness horse betting no longer holds the same draw. If harness racing wishes to survive sports betting\’s expansion, they will need to find a niche that sports bettors will be interested in betting. Harness racing has the opportunity of a lifetime here, but it is vital for them not to let this opportunity slip by.

Harness racing

Harness racing must redefine its identity and create a sports betting niche that sports bettors will be interested in. This is the only way Harness racing will survive sports betting\’s expansion.

Harness racing has been around for years, and sports betting seems to be all the rage. Some people say harness racing doesn\’t fit into sports betting, but we disagree.

All sports have a statistical chance of happening, and harness racing provides that exact variable and more. Horse trainers and owners can keep track of their horses\’ condition and take medication if needed to keep their horses performing in top shape. There\’s a 2% chance that the team with the best record will win in sports betting. In harness racing, if a horse has been running 2-3 times a week and they starts to run more frequently than that, it is considered overworking them, and their performance will decline as a result. There must be a perfect balance between sports betting and harness racing to take advantage of the sports betting industry.

You can’t watch sports betting or sports themselves without seeing ads for sportsbooks. Sports gambling websites are all over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc… They offer large bonuses for new players when signing up. But there’s no sportsbook focused on harness racing. Sportsbooks should branch out into each sports sub-industry, just like sports betting has branched out to include eSports and DFS sports.

Harness racing is a great form of sports betting that deserves its sportsbook. The pay-out odds are much higher than traditional sportsbooks, and you can essentially bet on anything related to racehorses, just like sports betting. We feel that Harness Racing should branch out into its sportsbook industry to reach a larger audience.

Harness Horse racing can be found at significant tracks throughout the country, including Yonkers Raceway in New York, Freehold Raceway in New Jersey, The Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey, and many more.


Harness racing must create a sports betting niche that sports bettors will be interested in, or they will not survive in its expansion.


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